Guardianship Etiquette

If an agent comes across a portal belonging to their own faction during a fielding OP where by that portals links are blocking the OP, it is proper etiquette to faction COMM the current owner for permission to flip. Offering an upgraded rebuild is a sign of good faith. Given the time constrained nature of a large fielding OP if this correspondence happens during travel the portal owner has only 10 minutes to comply before waiving complaints that it was his or her guardian. Conversely if the guardian portal happens to be inside a well maintained farm and correspondence was made with the recharging team then all rights to complaint from the portal owner are waived as per Rule #5 (The Tell Tale Guardian) .

Created by: eyeoniq - level 16

This might work in the country, but one of the first rules is this isn't your portal. The proper way if it must be killed for a field is to flip, kill and redeploy with good mods. If it was a guardian, leave it grey so that it may be recapped. This is clearly stated as proper educate in a post from 2013 and filled to this day. Sending a message in comms invites a loss of opsec, as well as creating a discussion about "that was my portal"