Ingress players are writing a dictionary of terms used both formally and informally in the game. You are welcome to suggest new words and comment on existing ones.


The short period of time in 2016 when large numbers of Pokemon Go players were congregating around Ingress portals.


The result of generating numerous counter attacks by firing a burster when surrounded by a large concentration of enemy portals.


A BAF is a acronym for either Big Ass Field or Big Augmented Field. To be considered a BAF, the field needs to cover at least a medium sized city.


(v.) To deploy a portal with two resonators on opposite sides of the portal, ideally at maximum distance, and shields, in order to conserve resonators and deny AP to the opposing faction, yet force them to expend the most possible bursters to reclaim the portal.

(n.) A portal deployed in such a fashion.


Big ass resistance fields. The rest of the description of baf applies.


Socializing in Ingress is done by seeking out a lot of portals in the nearby vicinity of a cafe, or another establisment which serves alcoholic, or non-alcoholic beverages for designated cargressers.

Start a Frackerfarm and enjoy the social aspect if Ingress while drinking a nice beverage.


Playing Ingress whilst riding a bike.


A bingo is a field created by accident when throwing a random link. By tradition, if you create a bongo field, you must immediately say BINGO (or the local equivalent) in all COMMS.


A link created specifically to stop the opposition team from creating links.

Boom Spam

Low level attacks that generate attack alerts without doing any significant damage to the portal.

Built for Pain

Modding a cluster of level 8 portals with at least a force amp turret combo on each portal and normally two strong shields causing the resulting multiplier effect to drain most agents XM when attacking. Most effective on lower level agents to prevent dirty hacking but can also force a high level agent to use more power cubes to compensate for the baconing that ensues.


Ingressing whilst travelling by bus.


A campfire is a blue portal with 8 x level 1 resonators placed as close to the portal as possible and 4 useless mods like link amps. Then the portal gets ada-ed. The term campfire comes from the look on the scanner from all the yellow resonators as logs and and the blue as flames. Typically a campfire is created by a Enlightened player to annoy an Resistance faction player.

Also known as a Lada or Pineapple.


Ingressing without leaving the comfort of your vehicle. Sometimes involves pushing the boundaries of the vehicles capability and or legal vehicle access to a portal.

Clock Blocked

An alternate and more humourous way of saying speed locked.

Clown Car

Eight or more Lvl8+ agents in a car and drive through a town making all the portals level 8. Alternative term for Rolling 8.

Derp Link

A derp link is a link created by accident when fielding. "I meant to onion field but threw a link to another portal and Derp-linked myself."


A dickflip is the action of creating a campfire or pineapple portal. Usually reserved for couch portals, work portals, or bar hack portals. Also known as a lolflip.

Dirty Hack

Hacking an enemy portal. The use of enemy farms or portals to gain gear and AP and then use it against them.


Playing Ingress whilst walking the dog.


A level 1 burster dropped on a rival agent's portal just to annoy them with a notification.

Douche Link

A random link thrown without concern. Generally only noticed when they block fielding plans.


Just deploying 1 resonator when playing in a hurry.

Fish Unit

Fish Units or FU, is the informal name for the MU score that a field that is almost totally over water generates.


An informal name for an Ingress player in the Enlightened team. They are called this because their team colour is green.

Froggy Fracker Farming. (3F)

A group of ENL agents which setup up a few portals to do some heavy farming.

Frackerportals are always setup with preferably 2 very rare multihacks, and 2 very rare heatsinks.

Frog Tears

When you get under the skin of an Enlightened faction agent and they complain on comms.

An alternative meaning is the green shots drunk when the Enlightened faction has lost an anomaly.


The period of double AP and increased rewards for hacking portals provided by Niantic to celebrate the birthday of Ingress.


A German term for raspberry. Has the same meaning as Campfire and Pineapple.


A CircleK power cube


Linkamp-ADA - An alternate name for a campfire.


A lolflip is the action of creating a campfire or pineapple portal. Usually reserved for couch portals, work portals, or bar hack portals.


Short for Lawson power cube.

Also what you use when you're having fun!!..in Anomaly.

Mackerel Unit

Captured when throwing a BAF chiefly over large bodies of water. See also Moo Unit.


A megafield is a very large field that is usually visible on Ingress Intel when fully zoomed out. It is considered most impressive if the links are shown as curves.

Moo Unit

Captured when throwing a large, low value field over ranch and farm land.

Onion Field

The layering of fields within fields by use of common anchors creating layers like an onion.

Oprah Linking

When fielding as a team, Oprah linking in the process of giving everyone the ability to make links to share the AP and MU counts.


A cluster of level 8 portals that is considered beneficial for both teams and generally lasts for at least a few weeks.


To pin a portal is to deploy resonators on a portal. This is down to reduce time typing in chats when sending instructions.


Me: can you pin that portal later

Noob: what do you mean pin that portal

Me: can you deploy resonators on that portal so the level of that portal gets higher

Noob: Oh, I didn't understand what you meant

Me: Pin = Deploy, i've spent much time spelling out the word deploy


A pineapple is a green portal with 8 x level 1 resonators placed as close to the portal as possible and 4 useless mods like link amps. The term pineapple comes from the look on the scanner from all the yellow resonators and the green crown on top. Typically a pineapple is created by a Resistance team player to annoy an Enlightened player.

Portal Monkey

A derogative term for the Niantic employees who used to be tasked with approving portal submissions. The term comes from the apparent randomness in portal rejections and "infinite monkey theorem".


Short for 'red face red face', used as a general greeting in Singapore.

It originated from the Malaysian "Discuz!" forum where the smiley had the code :RF::RF:

Rolling 8's

Throw a 8 or more Lvl8+ agents in a car and drive through a town making all the portals level 8. Alternative name for Clown Car.


A link belonging to either team that is blocking a BAF / Megafielding operation.

Secret Alliance

In the story of Ingress, The Secret Alliance is Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others, even all teams will be divided and split into two.

But not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others, it's BECAUSE of all Resistance agents, who must be Keep the Secret Alliance with US and have a new plan to DESTROY and Capture THEM ALL, before the enemy does, just like a reference, tribute and elements of ALL the Legendary movies from the past and the future, including Disney's "Fantasia" and "Fantasia 2000".


An informal name for an Ingress player in the Resistance faction. Named smurfs due to the blue colouring of smurfs.


A low level Resistance player.

Smurf Tears

When you get under the skin of a Resistance faction agent and they complain on comms.

An alternative meaning is the blue shots drunk after the Resistance has lost an anomaly.


1. To deploy a neutral portal with a single resonator, in order to quickly grab a unique capture and move on.

2. Collective noun for Turrets and Force Amps, due to their appearance. "We deployed three shields and a spike on everything".


A form of cheating whereby the agent uses a location spoofing app to hack their GPS coordinates on their scanner in order to attack/claim a portal in an area remote to their current location. Quite often used by unscrupulous "Guardian Hunters" to deny an opposing agent a Guardian Badge.


Member of the Enlightened faction. Used exclusively in Ireland.


A starburst is a large number of links to one portal. Generally they are made as a team, a central portal is modded and farmed for keys. Agents then travel outwards creating links back to the central portal.


A low level Enlightened team player. Called tadpoles as they are new frogs.

The Arsemeister

"That" agent. The one who acts like they have their head up their lower back. Their actions on the field only hinder their own team and are of no concern or consequence to the opposing team. The one you could swear is working for the opposing side, but still somehow does not.

And you wish it would stop there. Spamming turdlike missions and false portal location- and name edits, are also one of their pastimes.

And all this is is crowned by trash talking (to their own team) in the comms.


Ingressing whilst travelling on a train.

War Wagon

The act of getting a group of level 8+ players together for an evening of smashing and building in a common high capacity vehicle. (see also rolling 8s, clown car)


Wololo is the act of convincing a player from the other team to change factions to your team.

The term comes from chant of the Blue Priests in Age of Empires.


The German term for sausage link, meaning Derp Link.


A link thrown to a distant unknown portal because You Only Link Once.