Always Finish With Ice Cream.

Create a megafield? Ice cream. 5 hour mission? Ice cream. Hack a portal? Ice cream. Ice cream? Ice cream.

Created by: paulnutbutter - level 14

Love this rule!

caff31n3 - level 12    Votes    2     0

On special occasions that icecream an be mixed with other things food stuff. Like icecream and coffee, icecream and cake or icecream and beer.

LadyOfCrow - level 10    Votes    2     0

Rainbow Ice Cream from a Unicorn's butt of course. Correct?

4orty7even - level 14    Votes    1     0

I've got a sticker of a unicorn farting sparkles on my notebook. Got a heap of random ones from The Oatmeal years ago.

caff31n3 - level 12    Votes    0     0

I prefer to start with ice cream.

Flyingairedale - level 13    Votes    3     0

Beer Beer Beer

BxBomber - level 9    Votes    4     0

Tea . As it is rule 42 it really must be that hallowed Brownian motion producer . Just ask Arthur.

BranCorvus - level 11    Votes    0     0

Beer,beer,beer.....walk home ,hit the ports on way home.

Moononetoo - level 11    Votes    1     0

Beer man, lots of beer.... and some weed