Get Over It

If you lose your guardian at 89 days GOI! If you lose your guardian at 149 days GOI! Forget to hack for a day GOI! Someone takes down your megafield within 5 minutes of it going up GOI!

Created by: MeDDish - level 15

Where's the fun of getting over something? Holding a grudge against that guy who killed your guardian at 149 days leads to some of the most epic missions to rid the world of every portal he controls.

Motasaurus - level 14    Votes    7     0

After losing many guardians at 140+ at distances up to 2500km i reserve the right to hold a grudge 😀

SSSputnik - level 16    Votes    1     0

Caveat: You are allowed to be pissed off if any of the above occurred as a result of spoofing. If you want to kill my guardian at 149 days, or kill my baf, go for it, but show up in person.