Harden The F#%k Up

You're a secret agent, you carry all sorts of special gear to complete your missions faster and better than your opponents. There will be no complaining about blisters, no stopping for snacks, no complaints about the weather.

Created by: MeDDish - level 15

Does this at all relate to #35?

LadyOfCrow - level 10    Votes    1     0

This takes all the fun out of doing an unplanned mission. What's the point of going for an unnecessary 5km walk on sand if you can't bitch about it?

Motasaurus - level 14    Votes    1     0

Thunderstorm? Okay let me pull on my ghost gear. Two pulsating blisters on my heels? Hold on a sec, gotta twitch this surgical knife a bit... But NO SNACKS!? That's where I draw the line! Why the heck would I otherwise carry a portable cooling unit with me?