The Sojourner Paradox

The Sojourner badge is both the easiest and hardest badge to get. No one can stop you from getting it but your own laziness.

Created by: Motasaurus - level 14

Sadly there is a glitch in the matrix which can prevent some from getting this even if they hack multiple times each day to avoid reset. Kid was reset 6 times before he got discouraged and has all but stopped playing as a result.

Nydirech - level 14    Votes    1     0

so, what's the rule?

angelinflames - level 16    Votes    0     0

Sojourner is sojourner ... but maybe multiple possible action should be better than just the hack count for this medal. When your are at hospital you can recharge a portal but maybe not hack it.

sbdroopy - level 16    Votes    2     0

The flu... the flu can also stop you.