Ingress Is A Verb

One does not merely walk and play Ingress they Footgress! If you're in a car your Cargressing, If on a plane its Planegress, train is Traingress, bus is Busgress and on a bike is Bikegress.

Created by: MeDDish - level 15

Well, you are deffinitelly missing berrgressing in here.

JVBCZ - level 16    Votes    3     0


JVBCZ - level 16    Votes    3     0

Yes...drunkgressing is how I find open lanes for big fields.

CutBow - level 13    Votes    1     0

I like beergressing. We currently planning a beergressing mission in Newcastle Australia at the moment :-)

caff31n3 - level 12    Votes    2     0

Raingress. Boatgress.