Attribution Of Blame

If something goes wrong, it is by definition always Alan's fault. It is the responsibility of all players to remind Alan of this. If you do not know Alan, you should blame Musto.

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I'll vote you down!

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Just a quick explanation of this rule. The highest level resistance player in my local area is Alan, and we've had a running gag for years that it is always, by definition Alan's fault whenever things go wrong. Documenting local rules like this was the motivation for developing this site. Please feel free to vote this rule up :-)

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Doesn't this rule need to include the locality it applies to? Where is the border between #blamemusto territory and Alan's fault territory?

KevinC - level 15    Votes    1     0

@KevinC - Good question, with no easy answer. I do plan to extend the site to allow regional rule sets which makes sure Musto and Steve (suggested from g+) get their due blame. I think a lot of local rules like "Blame Alan" are getting missed.

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I've just edited this rule to include blaming Musto.