VR Link Breaker

I'd love to see a VR mod that limits a portal to one link out and one link in, but will destroy all other links that the link made from the portal crosses.

This would be great for mega fielding and reduce the reliance on having to clear lanes when doing so. In light of the spoofing problem, this would give incentive to making mega fields again without it taking weeks of preparation all for a spoofer to take it down 10 minutes later.

Created by: Motasaurus - level 14

are we talking about just being able to take out links? maybe some merit in that. I wouldn't like to see it being able to take out fields just by crossing the links though... too easy!

4orty7even - level 14    Votes    1     0

I had thought that maybe if it was in a new Ultra Rare category. Only hacked from P8s with a 1 in 10 000 000 chance or something.