Scanner Active Location Identification

I'd like to see the scanner updated to do a lot more location identification not based on the GPS.

Thinks like:

(1) Network path identification, scanner runs a traceroute silently, and passes up the first few nodes. This is used to help make sure the data is passing through cell networks in the right country.

(2) Cell tower identification at the portals where possible.

(3) The scanner should randomly request that the agent submits a photograph of the portal.

(4) The scanner should use the front camera to photograph the agents face randomly when firing weapons. This is used to check that they are in an appropriate space and that the daylight is correct for the portal locationt

(5) Scanners should record the wifi networks near portals and use this to help identify location.

(6) Scanners should use wireless to identify nearby scanners.

I see a combination of these steps being used to identify risk. Accounts that do not pass the risk test get locked and given instructions on how to unlock them for example hacking a portal at the same time as an unlocked scanner.

Created by: caff31n3 - level 12

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