Weapon Tracking And Analysis

I think Niantic if they are not already doing so, should store the agent and portal that an item was hacked from, and the agent and location where a weapon was used.

Some basic data mining on this would help identify spammers selling gear, and the cheats who are purchasing the weapons.

Created by: caff31n3 - level 12

So what about mufg weapons? I have weapons duplicated all the time.

IIlIIlIIlIIIlIl - level 14    Votes    0     0

MUFG generated weapons could be handled easily enough. Would have the agent who bred them and the agent who used them and where.

caff31n3 - level 12    Votes    0     0

Not a bad idea, but potentially tough to implement. Would require serializing all equipment?

GrimpenMar - level 10    Votes    0     0

Caps are already seem to be serialised and I suspect that most objects are actually handled that way by Niantic.