Fixing the Gear Buy Spoofing

Gear buying is an insidious practice that relies on spoofing to work. Here is my idea to combat this.

Step 1: Remove the ability to drop gear other than keys. If spoofers can't drop you gear, then you're not going to buy it.

Step 2: Change how hacking works. Instead of having the number of glyphs in a sequence linked to portal level, let players pick the number of glyphs based on the gear they're trying to get.

1= resos and cubes

2= common mods

3= rare mods

4= xmps and US

5= vr mods and lubes

The drop rate can then be linked to portal level, so a p8 will give better returns than a p1. Say you hack a p1 for a vr mod you might have a 10% chance of getting any of them. If you hack a p8 for a vr mod you might have a 50% chance of getting any of them.

Complex and simple hacks effect drop rate as well. Say +/- 15%. If you don't get 100% you get nothing but a key.

Quick hacks will give level appropriate resonators, xmps and a key, but no more than one per hack.

If you combine this system with the complete removal of viruses then it has the potential to revolutionize the way the game is played. It means you can choose to be offensive or defensive, forgoing xmps for shields and vice versa when you're hacking. This would allow organised teams to have players designated to offense and others for defense. It would still be possible to play solo but team playing would be greatly encouraged.

Created by: Motasaurus - level 14

Step 1: Remove the ability to drop gear other than keys? Really? Exchanging gear with other players (especially before anomalies) is crucial.

The only step needed is to stop spoofers.

ravidor - level 16    Votes    0     0

You don't "need" to exchange gear before an anomaly. If my hacking idea is implemented then it's up to you what you take with you. I honestly think that implementing a "if you didn't hack it, you can't use it" rule would improve the game tenfold.

Motasaurus - level 14    Votes    1     1

Not everyone has the ability to farm as often as others. It engenders team play that we can share items when one person can supply the rest of the players with gear to setup an OP or anomoly event. It would essentially destroy most players that have lives outside the game that constrict their time and locale most of the time.

eyeoniq - level 16    Votes    0     0

A more "effective" way would be to simply filter the comm messages and drop out any referring to known gear buy sites. And update the filter list every time they change their url or the way they express it. Can't advertise your shop -> can't sell gear. And this would also make following comms much easier as you don't have to browse through hundreds of bot messages.