Ingress players should take great care to ensure non players remain unaware that there is a game being played in their vicinity. It should be taken as a matter of great embarrassment if someone asks if you are playing Rule #3 (This Is Not Pokemon GO)

Created by: caff31n3 - level 12

Aware or unaware?

LadyOfCrow - level 10    Votes    1     0

Thanks for picking that up. I've fixed the rule :-)

caff31n3 - level 12    Votes    0     0

Nope. How else are you going to recruit?

B3arcat - level 15    Votes    2     0

@B3arcat I kind of agree, but I also try and be discrete? Also being too obvious is annoying. There is a balance I think. If they are perceptive enough to notice, or they seem they might be interested, then I explain. This is kind of the problem I have with the Pokemon Go rule. I'd love for there to be a few more players.