The Pineapple/Campfire

To pineapple a portal, first destroy it, then stand on top of the portal and deploying level 1 resonators on it, before installing 4 useless mods (link amps) then finally it should be flipped to the opposing faction. The term pineapple comes from the look on the scanner from all the yellow resonators and the green crown on top. The term camp fire comes from the look of a blue portal with the resonators appearing as rocks around a campfire and the blue appearing as fire.

Created by: MeDDish - level 15

In some countries for example in Poland they are called flowers :)

TheEntitled - level 16    Votes    0     0

First) Since rule #2 states right, the portal never belongs to someone, the practise of pineappling/campfireing is imho disruptive since it brings the game down to an personal Level, where your Motive is "to fuck that certain" Player. _That's not sportsmanlike_ if someone happens to be so Lucky to have one or more portals in range, dont be jealous, dont be a prick - Just adepted your own playstyle. Second) it's every agent's goal to make every portal belong to his own faction, not the others. Viruses and refactors are strategical Tools for cleaning for fielding operations. This and no more!