That Portal Is Not Yours!

A portal is never YOUR portal, you may hold it, you may care for it, but it's never yours. Don't get upset when another player wishes to spend time with that portal too.

Created by: MeDDish - level 15

This is my portal! There are many like it, but this one is mine! My portal is my friend.

Motasaurus - level 14    Votes    4     1

Exception: Never YOUR portal, but it can be "your portal" when you have submitted it, it was approved by NIA and has your name under the photo. The approved portals without name under the photo, are the orphans waiting for a faceless parent.

pedroraf - level 16    Votes    4     1

Portals are for rent, not for sale.

sla68 - level 16    Votes    1     0

Portals are for rent, not for sale.