Destroying dropped keys after neutralizing a portal

After neutralizing a portal it drops keys to linked portals. It would be awesome to be able to destroy the keys instead of adding them to your inventory, especially when you hunt down and destroy well linked portals. You don't really want to leave them around for the "other side" to pick up and re-link after reclaiming the portal. Instead you end up picking keys up and adding them to your inventory and then have the tedious task of recycling unwanted keys. A simple menu to "pick up key" or "destroy key" would be sweet! Thanks for an awesome game!

Created by: JDKing2005 - level 13

Hey JDKing, I would suggest that fixing the system of drop/recycle keys would negate this proposal. If we could select multiple keys to drop/recycle at one time, then the whole system would be less cumbersome. Plus, you may want that key later and it wouldn't be a hastle to get rid of the rest.